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Air Cargo Europe 2013

Воскресенье, 07.03.2021, 14:08
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Main » 2013 » Январь » 1 » Facts and Figures
Facts and Figures
Z-Fracht Ltd$5.3 trillion of goods travel by air – that’s 35% of all world trade by value. Aviation delivers.
3.5% of the global economy relies on aviation.
Aviation supports business.
57 million livelihoods are supported by air transport.
Aviation generates jobs.
Nearly 3 billion people fly annually – for business and for pleasure.
Flying connects.
Aviation will cut its net carbon emissions 50% by 2050 (compared to 2005). Flying is sustainable.
There is one accident for every 2.7 million flights on western-built jet aircraft. Flying is safe.
Z-Fracht Ltd
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